Career & Technical Education

Dual credit students can earn college credit hours and/or a credential in the Career & Technical field. Eligible dual credit students can start earning college credit hours, as early as the Spring semester of their 9th grade year. Before any student registers for courses, they must meet with their high school counselor to ensure eligibility.

Career & Technical Education Degree Options

STC Degree Name Credential Type Credit Hours to Complete
Arch. & Eng. Design Technology Certificate 16
Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Certificate Certificate 17
Computer Applications Specialist Certificate 16
Computer & Internet Specialist Certificate 16
Computer & Network Specialist Certificate 28
Commercial Baking Certificate 23
Commercial Cooking - Culinary Arts Certificate 22
Combination Welding Certificate 41
Cybersecurity Specialist Certificate Certificate 24
Diesel Technology Certificate 42
Electrician Assistant Certificate 30
Emergency Medical Technology Certificate 16
Fire Science Academy Certificate 26
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Certificate 28
Medical Office Specialist Certificate 16
Multimedia Specialist Certificate 16
Patient Care Assistant Certificate 16
Payroll Assistant Certificate 16
Precision Manufacturing Technology Certificate 24
Recruiter Assistant Certificate 16
Structural Welding Certificate 29
Welding Associate of Applied Science Assocciate 60

Note: Career & Technical Education degrees earned from South Texas College are applicable toward the South Texas College Bachelor Programs.

Dual Credit students that successfully complete a Career & Technical Education credential have the opportunity to earn an Industry-Based Certificate recognized by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and/or the Industry Group.

Certification Opportunities
STC Degree Name # of Industry-Based Certifications a student can receive
Automotive Technology (Associate level) Up to 8 Certifications
Precision Manufacturing Technology (Certificate level) Up to 5 Certifications
Precision Manufacturing Technology (Associate level) Up to 3 Certifications
Computer Application Specialist (Certificate level) Up to 8 Certifications
Computer & Network Specialist (Certificate level) Up to 8 Certifications
Multimedia Specialist (Certificate level) Up to 7 Certifications
Cybersecurity Specialist (Certificate level) Up to 9 Certifications
Patient Care Assistant (Certificate level) Up to 7 Certifications
Emergency Medical Technology - Basic (Certificate level) Up to 1 Certification
Medical Assistant Technology (Certificate level) Up to 1 Certification
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