Early College High Schools

South Texas College's Early College High School Department oversees a total of 29 ISD Early College High Schools (ECHS). By design each ISD ECHS provides high school students the opportunity to earn up to 60 credit hours and/or an Associate degree while in high school. Each ISD ECHS is designed to create a seamless transition between high school and college. For more information regarding your ISD's ECHS, please contact your High School counselor.

Pathway for high school diploma plus college hours or degree

South Texas College's ECHS role to the ISD:

Assist ISD interested in the ECHS concept with the planning, application process, and other steps essential to building the organizational infrastructure to effectively establish an ECHS.

South Texas College's ECHS role to the student:

Summer Bridge Program for Freshman Students

The Summer Bridge Program provides essential College information, STC Campus Tour, Career Exploration Presentation/Assessment and much more; to incoming ECHS freshman from partnering school districts. The Summer Bridge Program is meant to introduce students to the college environment through an array of college readiness activities. Students are engaged through team building, time management, and goal setting to help them prepare for the rigor and coursework they will encounter as college students. The Summer Bridge Program allows students to visit and tour Pecan, Mid-Valley, and Starr County Campuses, as well as familiarize them with the different departments and student services.

Topics that are covered:

  • Classroom Etiquette
  • Campus Etiquette
  • Time Management
  • Degree Plan Overview
  • Student Life
  • Campus Tour
  • College Resources
  • Center for Learning Excellence
  • Student Services
  • Library Services
  • Apply Texas Session
  • Student Success Presentation


The Advising Process is tailored to the student’s grade level and to their academic standing. We over 3 types of advising; Online, Individual, and Group Advising.

  • Online Advising: An online module will allow students to receive college related information hosted through the Blackboard platform.
  • Individual Advising: A South Texas College liaison meets with individual students to answer questions and discuss their academic standing and graduation potential.
  • Group Advising: Group advisement sessions hosted to present college related information tailored to event type request and grade level audience.
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