Culinary Arts

Do you remember when you fell in love with cooking? Was it the first time you heard the sizzling of the grill? Or perhaps it was watching it all come together; from the moment you read the recipe to the moment your food hit your tongue. Your love for cooking is great, but making it a successful career is even better!

With South Texas College, your passion can help shape your future. Our skilled Culinary Arts instructors will guide you through the process of being the best you can be in the kitchen. Training begins at foundational skills and builds up to advanced preparation techniques. As you progress through the program you will be exposed to new products, develop and improve technical skills, and grow in knowledge and confidence so that upon completion you will be prepared to take the food industry by storm.

The Culinary Arts Program offers two certificates and two associates plus the opportunity to train and learn with industry-grade facilities you can expect in the real world.

Degree Plans Faculty Media Resources

Name E-mail Phone Location
Barrera, Angelica abarrera1 956-872-2127 Pecan PB 23A
Casaperalta, Nadia ncasaperalta_8695 Pecan PB 23B-D
Guerra, Jennifer jguerra121 956-872-2214 Pecan H-225
Leal, Fernanda fleal5 956-872-2548 Pecan PB 23A
Lemus, Jr, Ruben rlemus2 956-872-2057 Pecan PB 23A
Reinitz, Larissa lsustaita_5493 956-872-3564 Pecan PB23B-C
Villareal, Joanna jvilla37 956-872-5624 Pecan PB 23A

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

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