Architectural and Engineering Design Technology

The purpose of this program is to prepare the students for employment in architectural, visual and civil engineering technology industries. The student will be required to have an understanding of but not limited to, the following areas: principles of drafting, architectural drafting, civil drafting, layout and design, application of the latest drawing software programs, current knowledge of building standards and codes as well as construction materials and specifications.

Specialization: Architectural and Engineering Design Technology

The Architectural and Engineering Design Technology degree is designed to provide a pathway to the fields of architectural, visual and civil engineering technologies and to assist students in preparing architectural and structural construction documents, such as: residential projects, schools, office spaces and commercial/industrial buildings. In addition, the students develop skills in the production of presentational free-hand drawings, working models and various computer generated graphics. These means allow students to utilize specialized CAD software in solving design challenges both technically and graphically.

Specialization: Architectural and Civil Engineering Technology

Students with an Architectural and Civil Engineering Technology degree produce drawings related to the civil engineering profession. Such drawings can include: Topographical Maps, Property Boundary Maps and Surveys, Utility Design Maps (water distribution and sanitary sewer collection), Drainage Plans and Grading Plans. These drawings/plans play an important role in the preparation of a site for the construction of highways, roads, bridges, buildings, parks, lakes, homes and many other developments.

Specialization: Architectural and Visual Technology

Students with an Architectural and Visual Technology degree are trained to create, manipulate, or enhance computerized images. The technician will prepare the imaging needs for architects, engineers, contractors and publication agencies. These images may be applied in every day marketing, communication and design production. Students can utilize their skills not only for the creation of technical documents but also for the creation of computer renderings and animations, digital photographs and video for presentation purposes.

Degree Plans Faculty Staff

Name E-mail Phone Location
Amaya, Jesus L. jamaya22 956-872-2768 TECH A-112
Garcia, Jaime jgarcia_1977 956-872-6129 TECH A-111
Gonzalez, Alejandro agonzalez_3023 956-872-6205 TECH A-116
Reyes, Javier jreyes 956-872-2791 TECH A-230
Salas, Laura lsalas 956-872-6178 TECH A-231
Serna, Mario mserna3 956-872-2748 TECH A-219
Valdez, Omar ovaldes 956-872-6157 TECH A-216
Vanguelova, Margarita mgvangue 956-872-6228 TECH A-115
Vela, Jose jcvela 956-872-6252 TECH E-703

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

Name E-mail Phone Location
Gomez, Jonathan jgomez_8558 956-872-6177 TECH A-223
Villanueva, Antoinette avill220 956-872-6118 TECH A-113

Additional Notes

Prior to completion of the Associate of Applied Science program, the student is expected to have completed 320 hours of an external learning experience.

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