Dual Credit Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process for "S" sections (dual credit courses)

High school students who may benefit from taking college-level courses to satisfy high school graduation requirements or who wish to begin their post-secondary education prior to graduation from secondary school are eligible to participate in the South Texas College Dual Credit Program. College-level courses are limited to those leading to a certificate or associate degree.

Dual Credit students shall be limited to courses within their declared major and corresponding degree plan.

Before any student registers for courses, they must meet with their high school counselor to review the selected degree plan to ensure successfully completion of college credit and/or a college degree.

The dual credit enrollment process for “S” sections (dual credit courses) for eligible high school students are listed as follows:

1. Decide

Make a decision on what major is right for you. If you are unsure about what major to study, take a career assessment.

2. Apply

Complete the online application for Admission to South Texas College at www.ApplyTexas.org, or in-person at one of our nearby campuses. Choose a major that aligns with your career interest.

3. Qualify

You may be exempt based on ACT, SAT, or PSAT scores, or you can also qualify with TSI and STAAR EOC. Please review the Dual Credit Testing Requirements for more information.

4. Advising

Meet with a Dual Credit Specialist to review your degree and plan your class schedule.

5. Orientation

All prospective Dual Credit students must attend a new student orientation prior to enrolling in the Dual Credit program. Check with your high school counselor to learn about upcoming orientation opportunities.

6. Register

Register online for your college courses via the JagNet student service portal.

Enrollment Process for Regular (non-S) sections (non-dual courses)

Dual Credit students seeking to enroll in regular (non-S) sections (non-dual courses), must submit an Enrollment Request Form and be approved by the Dean of Dual Credit Programs and School District Partnerships.

Dual Credit students must comply with the following requirements to be eligible for consideration to register for regular (non-S) sections (non-dual courses):

  • Meet the South Texas College Admission Criteria
    • Have an active Admission Application
    • Submit High School Transcript
    • Submit Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination or Exemption
    • Clear any holds, if applicable
    • Meet the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) college readiness standards as established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the College
    • Comply with the College’s Academic Progress Standards as outlined in Board Policy #3320
      • Maintain good academic standing
    • Comply with the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy #3322 of a 2.0 GPA or higher
      • Federal Financial Aid SAP requirements measure all students’ GPA and progression regardless if they are receiving aid or not, and are applicable to dual credit students who are still in high school
  • Meet the Dual Credit Programs “non-S” Course Requirements
    • Be classified as a Junior or Senior in high school
    • Comply with the College’s regular prerequisite requirements for the course(s)
    • Comply with the approved number of course enrollment per year and/or semester as outlined in Board Policy #3232
    • Has not exceeded the maximum of 68 earned credit hours
    • Cannot take any developmental or kinesiology courses
    • Course is not offered and/or available at high school as a dual credit course
    • College GPA- minimum 2.0 requirement
      • Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher to remain in good academic standing. Student below the GPA requirement will have the opportunity to submit an appeal personal statement. The statement needs to explain why the course is needed for the requested semester and the student’s commitment to successfully pass the requested course.
    • Students in their first semester in dual credit are limited to face-to-face instruction only (effective Spring 2020)

The Dual Credit Programs is subject to all rules and regulations of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), other state and federal regulations, and College policies and procedures as applicable.

Please be aware of each semester's deadlines. Visit with your high school counselor and/or the Dual Credit staff for more information.

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