Dual Credit Courses

Looking into completing the Core Curriculum? Eligible High School students can earn up to 42 credit hours and/or complete the core courses (basics). The Core Curriculum is taught and reinforced through nine Core Components.

High School students have the opportunity to take the Core Curriculum courses as early as the Spring semester of their 9th grade year. Before any student registers for courses, they must meet with their high school counselor to ensure eligibility.

Core Curriculum

Area Credit Hours
Communication (Composition/Written Communication) 6
Mathematics (College Algebra) 3-4
Life and Physical Sciences (Biology) 8
Language, Philosophy and Culture (Spanish) 3
Creative Arts (Art/Music) 3
American History  6
Political Science (Government) 6
Social and Behavioral Sciences (Psychology/Sociology) 3
Component Area Option  3-4
Total 42

See the Academic Catalog for complete details.

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