Dual Enrollment Academy Programs

dual enrollment graduates

Are you a current high school Sophomore student seeking a challenging program? Apply today to be selected to earn an associate degree by the end of your senior year in one of the following:

Application Checklist

  1. Complete a South Texas College Admissions Application
  2. Complete a Dual Enrollment Academy Program's Application
  3. Student Typed Essay - 12 Font, Times New Roman, Double-Spaced, 1-Page Minimum Requirement:
    • Describe your proposed field of study. How will your selected Academy Program help you accomplish your short and long-term goals? How will you overcome obstacles you may face throughout the 2-year program to ensure your success?
  4. 3 Letters of recommendation - 9th or 10th grade teacher of each of the following core areas:
    • English, Math and Science (no other subjects allowed)
  5. Submit the most recent High School Transcript
  6. Submit Passing TSI Assessment Test Scores

Minimum TSI Assessment Scores

Test Minimum Score
Reading 351
Writing Essay Score of 5 or 
Essay Score of 4 & Multiple Choice of 340
Math 350

Minimum TSIA 2.0 Assessment Scores

Test Minimum Score
ELAR (Reading & Writing) 945 and Essay 5 or less than 945 and Diagnostic Level of a 5 or 6 and at least a 5 Essay
Math 950 or Below 950 and Diagnostic Level 6
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