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Dual Credit Program Options

High School students have 4 options to participate in Dual Credit Program and obtain a college degree or certificate from South Texas College.

1 Dual Credit Courses

Earn college credit hours towards STC core curriculum courses (basics).

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2 Career & Technical Education Programs

Earn a certificate in high-demand technical careers.

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3 Designated High Schools

Earn college credit hours up to an associate degree.

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4 Academy Programs

Earn an associate degree in the STEM, Business, or Criminal Justice field.

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Benefits of Dual Credit

The Dual Credit Programs at South Texas College provide the opportunity for eligible high school students, in a participating school district, to enroll in college courses while still attending high school.

High school students interested in participating in the program must meet the same requirements as all other college students within the guidelines established by The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Eligible high school students are able to take courses in place of, or in addition to, the normal course load at their high school.

Dual Credit courses, offered at high school sites, are provided at no cost to students.

By taking part in the Dual Credit Programs, eligible high school students can take academic or technical college courses that will get them a jumpstart to a college degree while in high school. Eligible high school students and their families can potentially save hundreds to thousands of dollars in tuition and other expenses during their college career at South Texas College!

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