Accessible Mathematic Notation on Webpages

LaTeX notation in website content can be re-formatted automatically with the MathJax JavaScript library. This can create visually formatted math expressions that are compatible with most browsers and screen readers.

Copy LaTeX notation from MS Word Equations

Note: requires a current desktop version of MS Word/Office 365. See MS documentation about writing equations and formulas.

  1. While in the Equation Tools - Design toolbar, click the small boxed arrow icon in the Conversions group:
    open Equation Options
  2. For the setting labeled "When copying an equation", select "Copy Linear Format to the clipboard as plain text":
    Equation options
  3. Now when you copy an equation, the clipboard will contain the plaintext Linear/LaTeX notation

Add MathJax script to your webpage

For Cascade pages, include the MathJax.js asset from the global site.

For other web systems, load the MathJax script from a CDN.

Mark LaTeX notation for MathJax formatting:

Before MathJax can work to transform LaTeX, you must mark each piece of math notation.

Block Layout: \\[ ... \\]

Wrap in backslash and square brackets for block layout (centered, separate section):


Inline Layout: \\( ... \\)

Wrap in backslash and parenthesis for inline layout (flows within sentence):

When \(a \ne 0\), there are two solutions to \(ax^2 + bx + c = 0\)

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