Student Success Workshops

Our Student Success Workshops focus on topics for personal enrichment and growth such as: time management, critical thinking, memory techniques, note-taking, test-taking strategies, and test anxiety. Schedules are available in all Centers for Learning Excellence for traditional face-to-face workshops. For 24/7 on-demand workshops please click on the button to the right.

TSI Assessment Workshops

The Centers for Learning Excellence (CLE) offer 2 types of workshops to help you prepare for the TSI Assessment:

The Quick Review workshops cover the major concepts in Reading, Writing, and Math. These are recommended for students who need a quick refresher before taking the TSI Assessment or for students that have taken the test and are considered near college ready.
The Comprehensive Workshops provide a more detailed review of each topic that is covered in the TSI Assessment. These workshops are recommended for students who need a thorough review of each topic that is covered in the TSI Assessment, those who have been placed in a developmental course, or adult basic education course.

Please refer to your DE Diagnostic Score Report so that you can determine which workshops you should attend. Additionally, you can bring your reports so that a CLE staff member can help you determine which workshops would be helpful for you.

Mid-Valley Campus Workshops

CLE workshops at Mid-Valley are now on demand.
Please contact the Mid-Valley CLE Staff at 447-6675 for more information.

Current Workshop Offerings:

Student Success Workshops

Nursing & Allied Health Campus Workshops

For additional information regarding online workshops and requesting traditional face to face workshops and topics, please contact the front desk at 872-3044.

Pecan Campus Workshops

CLE Student Success workshops at Pecan Campus are now on demand. Please contact the Pecan CLE Staff at 872-8303 or 872-7212 for more information.

TSI workshops will begin in February, and we are currently finalizing the workshop schedule. Check our Facebook page for more updates.

Current TSI Assessment Workshop Offerings:

Starr Campus Workshops

Please contact Saul Garza at 488-5824 for more information.