On-Demand Student Success Workshops

These videos will teach you strategies to help you succeed in college. Access them 24/7 from your classroom, office, or home. For additional information please contact your CLE Staff

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TSI Assessment Workshops

The CLEs offer 2 types of workshops to help you prepare for the TSI Assessment:

Quick Review workshops cover the major concepts in Reading, Writing, and Math. These are recommended for students who need a quick refresher before taking the TSI Assessment or for students that have taken the test and are considered near college ready.
Comprehensive workshops provide a more detailed review of each topic covered in the TSI Assessment. These are recommended for students: who need a thorough review of each covered TSI topic, those who have been placed in a developmental course, those in an adult basic education course.

Please refer to your DE Diagnostic Score Report so that you can determine which workshops you should attend. A CLE staff member can help you determine which workshops would be helpful for you.

Mid-Valley Campus Workshops

MVC Student Success Workshop Schedule

CLE workshops at Mid-Valley are now on demand.
Please contact the Mid-Valley CLE Staff at 447-6675 for more information.

Nursing & Allied Health Campus Workshops

For additional information regarding online workshops and requesting traditional face to face workshops and topics, please contact the front desk at 872-3044.

Pecan Campus Workshops

CLE Student Success workshops at Pecan Campus are now on demand. Please contact the Pecan CLE Staff at 872-8303 or 872-7212 for more information.

TSI workshop schedules:

Check our Facebook page for more updates.

Starr Campus Workshops

Please contact Saul Garza at 488-5824 for more information.