CLE Workshops

Student success workshops are available online as outlined below. Individual TSIA prep support is available face to face or online by appointment as outlined below. Face-to-face workshops are suspended until further notice.

The CLE offers free workshops where you can learn student success skills or prepare for the TSI Assessment. Workshops are offered online, at scheduled times, and by request.

Student Success

Student Success workshops cover valuable skills, such as:

  • Managing time
  • Taking notes
  • Developing study groups
  • Reducing test anxiety
  • Reading critically
  • Preparing for exam strategies

Traditional workshops are held on campus and presented by a master tutor. Online workshops are available through StudentLingo.

StudentLingo Workshops

TSI Assessment

Individual in-person appointments are available for quick review of TSIA topic areas and for comprehensive topic review sessions. Quick Review is appropriate if you need a brief, high-level refresher before taking the TSIA, or if you already took it and your results indicate you are nearly college ready. Comprehensive Review sessions provide a more detailed review of specific TSIA topics. These are recommended if you need a thorough review of various TSIA topics, you have placed into a developmental course, or you are in an adult basic education course.

Request a TSI Review Appointment

During CLE hours you can request in-person tutroing to ask TSIA-related questions, including those that come up from working through the sample questions study guide.

You may also find these review videos and activities posted at Austin Community College’s website to be helpful.

Math Review Videos

Reading Review Videos

Writing Review Videos

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