The CLE offers in-person tutoring at all five campuses at respective hours of operations and online tutoring through Upswing 24/7. These services are free of charge. To meet with a tutor on campus or online, or to find a specific tutor's schedule, click the Get Tutoring button below. Read our Rules and Guidelines for more details. If you have questions, feel free to contact the CLE.


  • Make an appointment for online or onsite tutoring
  • Drop-in for an online tutoring session
  • Submit a paper for review

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Tutoring for NAH Programs

  • Meet with an NAH tutor online
  • To make an appointment, call the NAH CLE 956-872-3044
  • Submit an NAH paper for review

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When STC tutors are not available, tutoring services are offered through our off campus partner, Upswing. Students are limited to three (3) hours per semester when working with Upswing tutors and four (4) hours a week when working with an STC Tutor with the ability to request two (2) additional hours with approval. To find an STC tutor, look for the STC Tutor label on the tutor’s profile picture.

CLE services are now available online! To learn more, watch the short video below.

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