Rules and Guidelines


Maximizing the Benefit of a Tutoring Session

  • Tutors and students learn from each other. Students are expected to participate in the tutoring process, so sessions are collaborative. It would be unethical for the tutor to complete assignments, tests, or quizzes for or with students.
  • Online tutoring sessions are expected to last 30 minutes to 1 hour. To maximize the time you have with your tutor, have course materials, textbooks and class notes handy during the tutoring session.
  • Tutoring sessions can be shortened as needed to foster independent learning. Research shows that engagement and understanding of the material can fall drastically with longer sessions. Once a session is over, students may sign up to receive additional tutoring, but students already waiting or with previously scheduled appointments will be tutored first.
  • Students automatically have four (4) hours of tutoring available each week and may request two (2) additional hours per week to mitigate extenuating circumstances. Additional Hours Request Form.
  • Currently-enrolled STC students will be given priority over non-enrolled students and community users.
  • Community users may utilize walk-in services. No appointments will be scheduled for community users.
  • non-enrolled students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • A tutor cannot predict or offer opinions about a student’s grade on any assignment or exam and will not speak to an instructor on a student’s behalf.

Online Tutoring

Time Allotments with an Upswing Tutor

Each South Texas College student begins the semester with an allotment of three (3) hours of Upswing tutoring (Fall, Spring, Summer). Available time, or session limits, can be found on the Tutoring tab once logged into Upswing. Please note that semester hourly restrictions apply only for time spent with Upswing tutors. If you exhaust your three (3) hours of Upswing tutoring and wish to request additional hours, please fill out the Additional Hours Request Form.

If you have any questions regarding the online tutoring usage policy or the additional hours request form, please contact the CLE.

For more information and to access online tutoring, please visit our Tutoring page.

Independent Study

Tracking Independent Study Sessions

Some instructors may ask students to study or work in the CLE on their own. Independent Study students may work either in the main tutoring room or in a CLE study room. Students can request documentation of the study time through a Single Student Attendance Report.

Here are the necessary steps to track Independent Study sessions:

  • Students must sign in with the CLE front desk staff for independent study. You must physically be at the campus CLE to do this.
  • Students must inform front desk staff when signing-in and signing-out for Independent Study to document the full session time.
  • To ensure that your instructor or program can accurately see the different activities you are participating in (Independent Study, Tutoring and/or Academic Coaching), students must sign-in for each individual service for accurate Single Student Attendance Reports.
  • Single Student Attendance Reports can be requested, in person, at any campus CLE. Currently, these reports are currently not accessible online.

Study Rooms

Usage Guidelines

Below are the general guidelines for CLE study room usage. Procedures may vary slightly by campus as determined by student and faculty needs at that location. Any modification of standard procedures will be posted at each campus CLE.

  • Study room cannot be reserved and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Users must provide a student or government photo ID to check out a study room.
  • Study rooms may be used for a maximum of 3 hours at a time. If a student needs a room longer than three (3) hours and no other student has requested the room, special permission may be given to extend the check-out time.
  • Because study room spaces are limited, student groups are given priority over individual users, especially after the first hour of use.
  • Only wrapped snacks and drinks with lids are allowed in study rooms.

Open Computer Labs

Using Computers In and Around the CLE

Open Computer Lab areas in the CLE are available for use by South Texas College students, faculty, staff and community users. Please be aware that since tutoring and other student support services are occurring nearby, conversation is audible. The Open Computer Labs website provides information on the Computer Use Policy and the Printing Guidelines for computers in the CLE.

Student Disability Services

Requesting Accommodations

Serving South Texas College students and faculty is central to our mission. As such, the CLE makes every reasonable effort to meet the needs of our students with documented disabilities by facilitating student learning accommodations whenever possible. Below are the accommodation guidelines:

  • Students must have an approved CSAS Eligibility Letter from the South Texas College Department of Counseling and Student Accessibility Services. A copy of this plan must be on file at the campus CLE in order to receive accommodations.
  • Students seeking additional tutoring support must submit a request for additional tutoring hours each week as needed. Requests will be reviewed by a committee.

Community Users

CLE Services Available to Community Users

Former students and members of the community may utilize CLE facilities, when available, and may arrange for services such as tutoring assistance and study room reservations. However, community users will not have access to Upswing tutoring services.

The CLE gives priority service and use of equipment and facilities to students currently enrolled at South Texas College. If you are a community user with limited time, please ask your campus CLE staff for recommendations on when services are more readily available. Learn how to obtain a Community User card, which is provided by the library, by visiting the Community Users section of the website.

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