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Faculty can raise a flag in Starfish to refer a student for tutoring services. The CLE will reach out to the student with information and encourage them to join us.

Welcome to the Centers for Learning Excellence at South Texas College. Promoting student success requires collaboration with faculty. We hope you find some time to help us become an invaluable resource for your students.

Below are CLE services that instructors can utilize and contribute to. You may request presentations and tours, inquire about Supplemental Instruction, and refer students to apply for a job as a tutor or Supplemental Instruction Leader. If you have any questions about the information below, please feel free to contact the CLE Coordinator at your campus.

Collaboration Supplemental Instruction Professional Development Resource

The CLE offers many opportunities to work with faculty in support of student success. We look forward to working with all faculty to help make the CLE an important resource for every student. Faculty and staff can request one of the four types of collaborations listed below. Presentations can be held virtually or in person. Click the presentation titles to view the descriptions.

  • Student Presentations - this is geared towards a classroom setting or for group orientations.
  • Faculty/Staff Presentations - this is geared towards department meetings, trainings, new hire orientations, academies, etc.
  • Meeting with CLE Staff - this is to request classroom support (tutor, SI Leader, academic coach), or work with the CLE staff to add/enhance their services.
  • Faculty Volunteer Tutoring - this is to make yourself available to perform college service hours or offer to host office hours at the CLE.

Request Collaboration

Refer a Student

You can use our online form to refer a student to receive tutoring or academic coaching or to potentially become a tutor or Supplemental Instruction Leader. The student will be contacted by a CLE staff member to follow up on your referral. You can also raise a flag in Starfish to refer a student for tutoring.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program that utilizes peer-facilitated collaboration, group study, and interaction for assisting students in "traditionally difficult" courses, which have at least a 30% Drop, Fail, Withdraw rate. Students meet with their SI Leader outside of class lecture to review course material through the use of a variety of study techniques.

To best serve students, Supplemental Instruction should be viewed as one option to develop learning. SI is not meant to replace attending class, reading textbooks, or completing other course assignments. Like tutoring, learning communities, or instructor office hours, SI sessions are just one of the available resources that promote student success.

What should I expect from the SI Leader?

SI Leaders will:

  • Attend class sessions
  • Maintain a professional attitude about matters such as class standards, grades, and student complaints
  • Discourage students from attending SI as a substitute for class
  • Share SI materials with the cooperating faculty member before use, if possible
  • Provide feedback to the cooperating faculty member, if requested to do so

SI Leaders will NOT:

  • Re-lecture
  • Introduce new material
  • Answer emails to faculty
  • Grade or proctor assignments and/or exams
  • Discourage student from going to class
  • Teach the class in the instructor's absence
  • Hold SI sessions during lecture time

Request SI Support

The collaboration request form has a Meeting with CLE Staff section where faculty can request Supplemental Instruction for their course. Click on the button to be directed to the request form.

Thanks to a partnership with Innovative Educators, South Texas College is providing STC faculty and staff access to more than 100 professional development training courses and live webinars.

What is Go2Knowledge?

Go2Knowledge is an online training platform designed to provide on-demand instruction.
The platform offers a wide variety of training options from different categories.

Training Categories

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  • Student Populations
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Technology & Online Learning
  • Institutional Effectiveness
  • Campus Safety & Security
  • Solutions for College Success

Digital Library Features

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Unlimited Access 24/7
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Signing on is easy! You can access Go2Knowledge using your STC username and password.

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