About CLE

Welcome to the Centers for Learning Excellence (CLE) at South Texas College. At the CLE, our goal is to help students acquire the independent learning skills they need to be successful in college and throughout their lives.

All staff members at the CLE understand the challenges that come up when working with course content. That is why each CLE offers quality tutoring and academic support that complements the learning that is going on in classrooms. Each center is staffed with trained tutors who understand both their content areas and how to tutor effectively. In addition to the comprehensive departmental and college-required training provided to all learning center staff, tutors are certified at the Regular, Advanced, and Master Tutor level using recommendations and guidelines from the College for Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

Staff members recognize that students need a variety of resources to learn; thus, each Center for Learning Excellence is designed to create an engaging learning environment that fosters student academic success. Classes with a high number of failures or drops are supported through our Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program which provides students with a trained facilitator to create and lead active learning discussions outside of class. In addition to Exam Proctoring, other learning support services include Student Success Workshops, both in person and online, on a variety of topics related to math, writing, and academic success strategies. Most centers also provide access to study rooms, which students can reserve ahead of time or on a drop-in basis, if available. Finally, each CLE is also connected to a computer lab which contains general academic and, in some cases, specialized software programs which enable students to complete assignments in a timely manner. Centers are located at the Mid-Valley Campus, Nursing and Allied Health Campus, Pecan Campus, Starr County Campus, and Technology Campus.

Of key importance to each of our full-time and part-time staff members is providing excellent service to our students, faculty, staff, and community members. Whether you are a student getting help in our center or a faculty member asking a question over the phone, our goal is to provide high quality help in a learning-rich environment at South Texas College. We hope to see you soon at one of our campus centers.

Teresa Garcia
Director, Centers for Learning Excellence