Satellite Accumulation Waste


A satellite accumulation waste area is a designated waste collection space in the immediate vicinity of a waste generator site on campus.


  • Fume hoods, cabinets or benches in laboratories
  • Barrels for waste oil or hazardous waste collection
  • Container area for waste contaminated rags or spill products

Packaging Guidelines

If Storing:

  1. Only one container no greater than 55 gallons of a particular waste material may be stored in the same satellite area at a time.
  2. All container must be tightly closed.
  3. All containers must have The EH&S Office "Hazardous Waste" label (see sample) affixed and completed.
  4. Incompatible waste shall not be mixed.
  5. Incompatible waste in containers greater than one gallon shall not be stored near each other.
  6. A weekly verification of the condition of all satellite areas shall be made at least weekly by the designated individual in charge.

If Discarding:

  1. Complete all "Hazardous Waste" labels, insuring that all information has been filled in.
  2. Call 956-872-2107
  3. Date the container when full. The container must be relocated to the Main Accumulation Area within 3 days of the full date.
  4. All packaging, handling and labeling requirements from Chemical Waste Section above must be observed.
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