Recyclable Materials


Wastes with recycling potential or unneeded materials which may be of use to others.


  • Office paper
  • Unneeded chemicals and related products
  • Steel or plastic 16, 30- and 55-gallon containers

Excluded at this time:

This list is subject to change. For the latest restrictions please contact the recycling coordinator in Facilities.

  • Glass
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard
  • Colored ledger paper

Packaging Guidelines

If Discarding: Then:
Recyclable waste paper Place in recycling boxes.
Unneeded chemicals
  1. Verify that the chemical is uncontaminated and of specified quality.
  2. Verify that sufficient material remains to be of use to someone else
  3. Tape a note to the container lid indicating "Reuse"
Large steel or plastic chemical containers
  1. Insure that all liquid has been removed.
  2. If container contained a hazardous material, call 956-872-2107 for instructions.
  3. Loosely install bungs.
  4. 956-872-2107

Disposal Information

For: Then:
Trash, recycling or paper pickup Call Facilities at 956-872-2107
Pick of unneeded chemicals Call 956-872-2107
Removal of large chemical containers. Call 956-872-2107
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