Planning Process

South Texas College initiated the process of updating its 2019-2025 Strategic plan during the 2018 Spring semester. During the initial planning phase, a cross-functional committee began with a review of the current College Comprehensive Mission Statement and then developed a draft version of a new institutional Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values. The draft version was then shared with various internal and external stakeholders for input. The committee took this input and developed a final version for Board review and approval.

In December 2018, the South Texas College Board of Trustees formally approved the new Vision, Mission and Cores Values statements. The Strategic Planning process continued through Spring 2019 with internal and external stakeholders input. Formal adoption and Board approval of the 2019-2025 Strategic Plan Draft was received in early Fall 2019.

A visual representation of the Strategic Planning Process is presented below:

2019-2025 Strategic Planning Process

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