Comprehensive Mission

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Vision Statement:

South Texas College is a world-class institution advancing regional prosperity through education for a better quality of life in our community.

Purpose Statement:

South Texas College is an innovative, public, post-secondary institution providing quality education and career pathways for the people and communities of Hidalgo and Starr counties. The College achieves student success, nurtures talent development, and promotes economic vitality through collaborative and creative approaches to teaching, learning, and support services.

Core Values:

  1. Student Success: We promote student success and completion through the implementation of diverse strategies and initiatives.
  2. Opportunity: We value providing access and opportunities to students to meet the needs of our communities.
  3. Excellence: We value excellence in teaching, learning, and all support services.
  4. Innovation: We encourage creativity and champion innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and services.
  5. Community: We value engaging the community in students' learning experiences and in the positive transformation of our region.
  6. Professionalism: We demonstrate professionalism through collegiality, respect, and recognition for each other.
  7. Collaboration: We value collaboration and communication among STC employees and STC constituents.
  8. Integrity: We value integrity through honest and transparent communication and courageous dialogue.

Guiding Principles:

  1. South Texas College shares collective responsibility for student learning, student success, and regional prosperity.
  2. Students succeed through mutual engagement with the College at each stage of their educational pathways.
  3. South Texas College champions innovation through its willingness to transform the College's systems to meet the educational and workforce needs and challenges of our region.
  4. Collaboration with educational and business partners is key to student, college, and community successes.

Strategic Directions*:

(*The development of Strategic Directions incorporated the framework recommended by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)'s report Reclaiming the American Dream. The changes recommended by this framework include changing from Fragmented Course-Taking to Clear Pathways, from Low Success Rate to High Success Rate, from Access to Access and Success, from a Culture of Isolation to Collaboration, and from individual Faculty Prerogative to Collective Responsibility.)

  • Clear Pathways
    South Texas College provides students with clear pathways to facilitate coherent educational experiences and timely completion of a post-secondary credential leading to relevant employment and/or further educational experiences.
  • Access and Success
    South Texas College is committed to increasing the college-going and college-completing rates in the region.
  • High Success Rate
    South Texas College engages in effective, proven efforts to ensure student success and positively affect the economic and social mobility of residents in our region.
  • Collective Responsibility
    South Texas College empowers faculty to work together within and across disciplines to design best learning experiences for students, leading to their academic success, career readiness, and timely completion.
  • Collaboration
    South Texas College commits to effective interdepartmental and interdivisional collaborations and advances mutually beneficial community and educational partnerships that create a collective impact on student success.
  • Cost Efficiency
    South Texas College seeks innovative redesign of college processes to promote new approaches to cost-consciousness and cost-efficiency.