Strategic Planning

Welcome to South Texas College Strategic Planning Website!

South Texas College started its 2013-2018 Strategic Planning in Fall 2011. For the first year of strategic planning, the College held three college-wide engagement activities to gather input from the faculty and staff on the institution's strengths, challenges, opportunities, aspirations, as well as strategies to advance our student completion agenda. The STC Board of Trustees, STC students, and community members were also engaged in the dialogue about how to move South Texas College to a new level of success. An external environmental scanning study and national literature on student success agenda including AACC report, Reclaiming the American Dream also shaped the strategic planning process.

In Fall 2012, a Strategic Planning Work Team was formed with membership from all STC divisions. The team reviewed a variety of literature, all environmental scanning data, and all engagement data. Then, based on all information, the team designed and proposed the STC 2013-2018 Comprehensive Mission, which includes the College's Vision, Main Purpose, Core Values, Guiding Principles, and Strategic Directions. The College provided an online feedback form to gain feedback from the faculty and staff on the newly developed Comprehensive Mission before presenting the finalized version to the whole college at the Spring 2013 College-Wide Professional Development Day.

In February 2013, the College formed six subcommittees to develop Strategic Outcomes for each of the six Strategic Directions. The six subcommittees completed their work at the end of March, 2013. They not only developed Strategic Outcomes, but also suggested Strategic Initiatives to fulfill the Outcomes.

Afterwards, a collaborative work meeting, with all the co-chairs as the attendees, was held to review and revise the Strategic Outcomes proposed by the six subcommittees. Then, all the Strategic Outcome statements were posted to the college's Strategic Planning Website for feedback from the college community. The feedback was incorporated into the revision of the Strategic Outcome statements. In May 2013, the entire document of the Strategic Plan was submitted to the President's Cabinet and the Board of Trustees for approval.

In June 2013, South Texas College formed a Strategy Leadership Council to lead six implementation teams. Each team is in charge of implementing initiatives to fulfill the Strategic Outcomes under one of the six Strategic Directions. The Strategic Outcomes and Initiatives are also integrated into the unit IE plans. Monthly reports and annual IE reports are utilized to monitor the progress and ensure the success of the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

For more information about the Strategic Planning Process, the Strategic Planning Team, the Strategic Outcome Subcommittees, the Strategic Planning Calendar, and all data and reports, please view the links on the sidebar to the left.