A sense of security can give anyone the peace of mind they need to feel comfortable all the time, everywhere. Be one of a select few who provide that invaluable safety to the community you call home.

South Texas College can prepare you to meet the demands of your community via our comprehensive Public Safety programs. Whether you want to fight fires or uphold the law, the experience you'll gain from our highly trained and experienced instructors will better prepare you for what's next. If you’ve already established a career as a firefighter or peace officer, STC will provide credit towards a degree for your experience in the field.

Public Safety requires experts in even the most inconspicuous areas. The Paralegal and Cybersecurity Programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge they need to thrive in the courtroom, government, corporations, and a variety of other institutional bodies.

Programs in Public Safety

Are you a Public Safety Professional?

South Texas College offers credit for the training and experience you already have, giving you a headstart toward a degree!

Educational Pathways for:

TCOLE or FLETC Training Courses

Training for local, county, state and federal professionals in law enforcement, public safety, fire science and homeland security.

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