Veterans Affairs

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  1. How do I know if I’ve been certified?

    You can find out if you’ve been certified by logging on to JAGNET and following these steps:

    • Under student apps click “Financial Aid Status”
    • Select Aid Year
    • Click on “Active Messages”

    There will be a message from your certifying official letting you know how many hours you were certified for and if any courses were not able to be certified. This is also where you can check to see if you are missing any documents.

  2. Do I have to follow a degree plan?

    Yes, students using VA Educational Benefits or the Hazlewood Act have to follow a degree plan. Courses that fall outside of your degree generally cannot be certified.

  3. What should I do if I change my major or schedule?

    If you make any changes to your schedule or major, please contact the South Texas College Veterans Office to provide updated information.

  4. When will refunds be sent out?

    The dates for final refunds can be found on the Financial Aid website here: Book Allowances & Final Refunds

  5. What is considered full-time enrollment?

    • Summer 2018:
      • Summer I: 4 credit hours
      • Summer II: 3 credit hours
      • Summer III: 6 credit hours
    • Fall 2018: 12 credit hours*
    • Spring 2019: 12 credit hours*

    *Students may be below full-time if they are enrolled in Minimester courses for fall/spring semesters.

  6. Do I have to apply for VA/Hazlewood benefits every semester?

    Students currently using VA Educational Benefits with us will need to submit a schedule to the South Texas College Veterans Office for each semester that they wish to be certified.
    Students currently using the Hazlewood Act with us will need to apply every semester they want to use benefits and submit the following documents to the South Texas College Veterans Office:

    • Hazlewood Application
    • Hazlewood hours from the Texas Veterans Commission website
    • Schedule
    • Copy of a bill with name, address, and current date
  7. How do I find out if I have any benefits remaining?

    Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-442-4551


    Logon to eBenefits and follow these steps:

    • Click on the “Manage” tab
    • Click “Education”
    • Select “Post-9/11 GI Bill® Enrollment Status”
  8. How do I transfer my benefits to my dependent/spouse?

    Service members who are planning on transferring their Post 9/11 GI Bill® can find information regarding Transfer of Entitlement.

    Veterans who would like to transfer their Hazlewood Act to their dependent under the Legacy Act or want to see if their dependent/spouse is eligible for their own Hazlewood Act hours can find more information on the Texas Veterans Commission website: Legacy Act & Hazlewood Act for Spouse/Child.