Philosophy is the study of life’s fundamental questions. What does it mean to be human? How should I act? What and how can I learn? What can I hope for? What is beauty? What is justice? Philosophy asks us to analyze and challenge everyday assumptions about ourselves, our society, and our world, so that we can live a well-lived life in a well-built world. The Associate of Arts in Philosophy degree challenges you and prepares you for the next phase in your future career.

When we study philosophy, we cultivate skills that allow us to approach our everyday lives and work-lives critically, creatively, and carefully. Philosophy hones your reading, writing, and communication skills, your ability to solve problems from a variety of angles, and your ability to present persuasive arguments as to why your solution is best. These skills are crucial as you continue your education for careers in law, medicine, business, government, education, religion, and more.

Studying Philosophy allows students to develop the durable skills they need to succeed in a diverse range of fields. The Times of London reported philosophy graduates acquire, “in commercial jargon, the ultimate ‘transferable work skill’.” Completing a Philosophy program is the first step towards a rewarding future, no matter your ultimate career goal.

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