Mexican-American Studies

The Mexican American Studies Associate of Arts degree provides students with an interdisciplinary education that can transition to any Liberal Arts or Humanities baccalaureate degree program at a four-year institution.  The interdisciplinary curriculum provides students with the general academic background necessary for success at any four-year institution while providing them with awareness of Mexican American history, culture, political agency, and the formation of the Mexican American identity.

The Mexican American Studies degree is especially useful for students planning to work in areas with large Hispanic populations, as it will provide them with a better understanding of the community where they work.  Employers value them as bilingual and culturally aware professionals.  Earning an Associate of Arts in Mexican American Studies prepares students for multiple career paths in the public and private sectors, including social service, urban planning, non-profits, healthcare, education, and business operations.

The Mexican American Studies program not only provides students with cultural awareness, but also an advantage in both a four-year program and the workforce by honing critical thinking, oral, written, and research skills. 

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