The Associate of Science degree with a field of study in Mathematics offers students the opportunity to take a core curriculum of general education with an emphasis in Mathematics. Mathematics majors learn foundational mathematical skills that can be applied in various professions, especially the traditional sciences.

The Associate Degree of Science in Mathematics serves as a two-year transferable block to a four-year university for a Mathematics minor or Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Many potential career opportunities exist for Mathematics majors, including careers in actuarial sciences, aerospace, business, economics & finance, engineering, insurance, medical sciences, education, computer science, and the physical sciences. Potential careers include:

  • Actuary
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Forecast Analyst
  • Game Designer
  • Researcher
  • Statistician
  • Sales Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Systems Analyst
  • Logistics
  • Investment Analytics
  • Educator
  • Operations Research
  • Computer Programming & Development

Degree Plans Faculty Staff

Associate Degree


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Name E-mail Phone Location
Abe, Dr. Terutake tabe 956-872-6784 Pecan Y 1.304R
Amro, Dr. Hanan hamro2 956-872-7260 Pecan Y 1.304B
Bell, Jonathan jwbell 956-872-5643 Pecan Y 1.304S
Brown, Sun Mi sybrown 956-447-6680 Mid-Valley G-138
Dominguez, Veronica vedoming 956-447-1250 Mid-Valley G-156
Fath El-Den, Dr. Mahmoud mfathel 956-872-3408 Pecan J 3-1204
Garcia, John jggarcia 956-973-7611 Mid-Valley G-154
Gaytan, Juan jgaytan 956-872-6785 Pecan Y 1.304T
Gutierrez, Rosa rgutierr 956-488-5848 Starr E 2-624
Hassanpour, Dr. Mehran hassanp 956-872-6450 Pecan J 3-1202
Li, Dr. Huaien huaienli 956-872-2671 Pecan J 3-906
Luna, Juan jluna 956-973-7647 Mid-Valley G-143
Meisel, Todd tmeisel 956-872-6405 Pecan J 3-910
Montez, Daniel A. dmontez_1994 956-447-1283 Mid-Valley K 1.402F
Morin, Mario J. mjmorin 956-872-7258 Pecan J2-804B
Munguia, Maria mmunguia 956-872-7255 Pecan J 3.908
Neely, Christopher cneely 956-872-6403 Pecan J 3-902
Peña, Lazaro lpena 956-488-5879 Starr E 2-604
Punsalan, Alda aldapuns 956-973-7622 Mid-Valley G-145
Quiroz, Adriana aquiroz3 956-872-6449 Pecan J3-306
Rai, Lily lilyrrai 956-872-2545 Pecan J 3-904
Ray, Timothy tray_0625 956-973-1059 Mid-Valley K 1.402G
Shaath, Nayef nshaath1 956-872-8387 Pecan Y 1.304P
Yin, Wei wyin 956-872-2099 Pecan Y 1.304M

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

Name Office Phone Email
Cintia Munoz - Secretary Pecan Y 2.302-A 956-872-7237 cmunoz15
Jose J. Cortez III - Lab Technician Pecan J 2.906 956-872-8342 jcorte45
Student Success Specialist
Velma Cervantez - Pecan / Virtual Pecan K 1.614 956-872-3461 vcervantes
Celina A. Jorge - Pecan/Virtual Pecan J 3.1004 956-872-1994 cesparza1

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