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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Office Administration (Formerly Administrative Office Careers) website. The purpose of the Office Administration program is to provide technical training for students; to provide the work force with qualified, well-educated graduates; and stay abreast of the latest trends in the work world so that our graduates can enter a work place already prepared.

The Office Administration program has been developed and reviewed in consultation with an Advisory Committee selected from representative business, institutional, and industrial employers. This helps to ensure that our curriculum addresses the industry needs of today and the near future.

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Name E-mail Phone Location
Garza, Alex agarza 956-488-5847 Starr E 2.712
Jasso, Iris irios 956-872-8306 Pecan G-255
Morales, Socorro sbmorale 956-973-7651 Mid-Valley D-145
Pena, Ernesto eopena 956-872-2231 Pecan G-261
Zamora, Amadita azamora10 956-872-2174 Pecan G-256

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

Name E-mail Phone Location
Garza, Lizzet lgarza23 956-872-2559 Pecan G-246
Ortiz, Pamela portiz_1477 956-872-1925 Pecan G-204


How will I pay for my courses?
Find out if you qualify for financial aid; visit our Student Financial Services website for more information at

Are there any programs, scholarships, or organizations that might be able to help me financially?
There are programs, scholarships, and nonprofit organizations that may be able to help you.
P.A.S.S. Program

In what industry would I be working?
The office professional is not limited to certain industries. There are plenty of opportunities for an office career, statistically the majority of every labor industry has office personnel.

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