Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice careers can encompass a variety of jobs. The employment possibilities within the traditional police courts and corrections areas are being expanded with opportunities in private business. From police officers to private detectives, youth care workers to security guards, these people help our society run smoothly and within the realms of the law. Graduates of a criminal justice program find employment opportunities in law enforcement at the federal, state and local level, adult and juvenile correctional facilities, community correctional programs, child advocacy, juvenile agencies, victim advocacy, protective services and other service agencies.

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Criminal Justice

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Name E-mail Phone Location
Blair, James jblair 956-872-6728 Pecan T1-328
Escaname, Rogelio rescanam 956-872-2687 Pecan T1-332
Fuentes, Jorge jfuentes 956-872-5645 Pecan T1-336
Garza, Oscar ogarza 956-488-5861 Starr E2.726
Hicks, Jeremiah jhicks 956-973-7624 Mid-Valley G-294
Huber, Richard rhuber 956-872-2019 Pecan T1-334
Hughes, Marc mhughes1 956-872-2076 Pecan T1.338
Mora, Vanessa vjmora 956-973-1058 Mid-Valley PB1A2
Venecia, Homar hvenecia 956-872-3462 Pecan T1-330

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Newhardt, Christina cnewhard 956-872-2076 Pecan T1-328

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