RAVE Alert Emergency Notification System

The STC RAVE has two features that provide you with information during a crisis or other significant event; allows you to send anonymous text messages to report incidents or suspicious activities; and permits you to enter personal information that can expedite a response to your location in an emergency.

RAVE Alert Emergency Notification

Provides students, faculty, and staff with important telephone, text, and email messages during a crisis or when the college is closed due to weather or other significant event. Students and employees are automatically registered in the system and may access their information as follows:

  1. Access the website at www.getrave.com
  2. Enter your JAGNET login and password.
  3. Update your cell phone number and other information.

RAVE Guardian

Permits you to enter personal information that will assist first responders in helping you during an emergency. You may enter, medical, other information, and post a photograph of yourself to assist in providing you with emergency assistance. This information is maintained on an offsite server and is only available to the STC Police Department when you call the Police Department emergency number (956-872-1909). The information you provided, along with your location will be presented to the Police Department to send help immediately. The Guardian program also allows you to set timers on your cell phone and record a message that will be automatically be sent to the STC Police Department if you do not cancel the timer upon reaching your destination. The feature can be used when walking to your vehicle or other location. To enroll in RAVE Guardian:

To download RAVE Guardian visit: https://www.southtexascollege.edu/rave/

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