Parking Permit Instructions

Purchasing A Parking Permit Through JagNet

A parking permit can be purchased online by students, faculty, and staff through the college JagNet website.

Payment of Outstanding Fines

Prior to purchasing an STC Parking Permit, all outstanding parking fines must be paid. If the requestor does have unpaid parking fines, a message is displayed indicating that parking fines must be paid at one of the Cashiers locations before a parking permit can be requested.

Placement of Parking Permits on Vehicles and Motorcycles

The parking permit must be visible and permanently affixed to the inside lower right hand corner (passenger side) of the windshield only with the adhesive on the front side of the permit (do not use tape). If operating a motorcycle, the permit must be permanently affixed in a clearly visible location only with the adhesive on the back side of the permit (do not use tape). The parking permit must be displayed in an upright position and not be altered in any way.

Step 1: Locating the Parking Application

To access the Parking Permit pages log into JagNet. Select the Parking app.

Step 2: Verify Information

Verify that all your information is correct. For students, if any information is incorrect, please contact Admissions at 956-872-2011. For faculty/staff, if any information is incorrect, please contact Human Resources at 956-872-4448.

Step 3: Enter Valid Phone Number

If you are a new user, please enter a valid phone number by clicking on Add (Please use the correct format 999-999-9999). You will not be able to continue until a valid phone number is entered.

If you are not a new user, verify that your phone number is correct. If it is incorrect, please provide the correct phone number.

Step 4: Creating a New Permit Request

Once you have verified that all information is correct and entered a valid phone number, locate and click on Request New Permit.

Step 5: Vehicle Information

If you are a new user, please provide the required Vehicle/Motorcycle information. Once the information is entered click on Register.

If you are not a new user and are purchasing a parking permit for the same vehicle as the previous year, skip to step 6.

Step 6: Selecting a Permit Type & Delivery Method

  1. Select either a vehicle permit or motorcycle permit.
  2. Select the vehicle you are purchasing the parking permit for. If the vehicle is not available for selection or you would like to add a new vehicle, please return to step 5.
  3. Select delivery method: Pick Up or Mail Out
    1. If Pick Up is chosen, a list of available pick up locations is displayed.
    2. If Mail Out is chosen, the requestor's mailing address is displayed. For students, if the mailing address shown is not accurate please contact Admissions. For faculty/staff, if the mailing address shown is incorrect, please contact Human Resources. Also note that the payment method for the mail out option is the online payment only.

Step 7: Payment Method

  • In person payment can be made with Cash Only at the Cashiers.
    • If you will be paying in person you have completed this phase of the permit acquisition and you may exit the application and proceed to the Cashier's office to make payment.
  • If you choose to pay online, select the vehicle that you will be purchasing a permit for and click submit.

  • Confirm the purchase you are making. Click on Pay Online if it is the correct vehicle.

  • Online payments can be made only with debit card, credit card or electronic check.
  • Online payments will be forwarded to a secure payment page to process the transaction. Do not click on the back button or exit the application once you have started your payment.



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