Graduation Checklist

Are you approaching graduation?

To ensure that you will complete program requirements, by your anticipated graduating term, review the following graduation checklist:

  • Is your DegreeWorks worksheet accurate?
  • Are you enrolled/completing degree requirements in your anticipated graduating term?
  • Is your declared program and catalog year correct?
  • Will you earn enough credits meet the degree program requirement?
  • Is your GPA 2.0 or higher?
  • Do you need to be TSI complete?
  • Do you have AP or CLEP credit?
  • Do you have coursework from another college?
    • If yes, has the AP, CLEP or transfer credit been evaluated?
  • If transfer courses do not appear on the DegreeWorks worksheet, please notify Office of Admissions and Records?
  • Are you substituting non-equivalent courses? Has a substitution request been initiated?

If you have any questions or need further information, contact your advisor, program chair or chat with Admissions.


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