Official Logos and Colors

This logo mark in all its iterations is explicitly owned by South Texas College and cannot be reproduced without written permission. Trademark is pending. Logo usage inquiries can be submitted to Executive Director Lynda Lopez at or by calling 956-872-2580.

Use of the logo requires approval from the department of Public Relations and Marketing. Submit your sample/draft for review: PR Approvals Form.

The complete Branding Manual and Communication Style Guide will be available soon. Please contact Public Relations and Marketing for details.

Logo Downloads

The three-color primary combination mark is the preferred logo to be used in all STC communications wherever possible.

The full-color logo must be placed only on a solid white background to ensure the maximum amount of contrast and legibility.

This logo is the most recognizable visual element and is the foundation of our brand’s identity. To ensure that its integrity is not compromised, no alterations should be made to any part of the logo’s form or structure.

Get the official logo for email signatures using the Email Signature Generator.

If the design or printing limitations dictate the use of a single-color variant, the logo must be placed on a solid colored background.

The background color options are limited to the colors available in the approved primary color palette.

Only use colors from the approved palettes that produce a high level of contrast with the reversed logo.

Transparent logo files may be requested by calling Creative Services Manager Jennifer Solis at 956-872-2191.

Official Colors

The primary palette consists of the colors South Texas Blue, Jaguar Yellow and Jag Gold. In almost every instance the colors from this primary palette should be the dominant colors featured in any visual application of our branding colors. Consistent use of our jaguar-inspired primary colors helps build a stronger brand.

The Typeface of STC: Avenir Next

Avenir Next Font Sample

Avenir Next is the primary typeface to be used on all visual communications. Its consistent use across all applications will create a uniformed look and feel and build stronger brand recognition with our viewers.

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