Psychological Science

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and human behavior. The Department of Psychological Science provides students with scientific knowledge related to human behavior and mental processes to include neuroscience, sensation and perception, memory, cognition, language, intelligence, consciousness, developmental psychology, personality, psychological disorders, therapy, statistics, and human sexuality. It is our department’s vision to provide students with critical thinking skills, knowledge, and motivation to foster personal growth, adopt a scientific attitude, and become lifelong learners.

The Department of Psychological Science at South Texas College offers students the opportunity to obtain an Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Psychology. The degree requirements for all students include completion of core curriculum and field of study courses. The program encourages students to become familiar with the different fields of Psychology, which will enable them to make an informed decision on how to continue their academic and professional careers. This degree is an excellent transfer program since the core curriculum parallels the first two years of most four-year psychology degrees.

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