Operations Management

The Bachelor of Applied Technology Degree (BAT) in Operations Management will educate, train, and develop successful supervisors who will be prepared to utilize technology to create a competitive advantage for their enterprise. Coursework is balanced between practical training and working with real-life projects that enhance the educational experiences and employment potential for students. The breadth of the coursework enables each graduate to lead and manage by utilizing a wide variety of business, finance, technology and human resource development skills. Interactions with business leaders will provide graduates exposure to the real world and an opportunity to network.

Graduates are educated in the fundamentals of business management, finance, information technology and manufacturing. The curriculum provides a broad training experience through general education courses in a variety of disciplines, core program courses in technology management, elective courses with specialization options and specialized projects and seminars that provide a window into the real world. The choice of electives permits students to tailor their studies toward their own careers and personal goals.

Tuition for the operations management competency based courses are $900 per term. Students are able to accelerate through as many courses per term as possible, provided they demonstrate mastery of the subjects. A student entering the program with no prior college credit should be able to complete the degree in three years at a significantly reduced cost.

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Through the Bachelor of Applied Technology in Operations Management outcomes, the student will be able to demonstrate to:

  • Supervise and manage the financial operations of a business;
  • Utilize management and motivational theories to enhance the performance of employees and work-teams;
  • Use project and quality management strategies to successfully manage and secure organizational resources;
  • Apply oral and written communication skills and leverage technology to enhance communications;
  • Manage the organization or the business unit within legal and ethical boundaries;
  • Employ creative and critical thinking processes to resolve problems of the business unit;
  • Use appropriate electronic commerce strategies to enhance profitability of the organization;
  • Exhibit analytical thought, informed judgment, ethical behavior, and an appreciation for diversity;
  • Utilize appropriate information technology systems to enhance organizational performance;
  • Understand the challenges involved in conducting international business and its impact on the future growth of the organization;
  • Obtain hands-on training and apply concepts and theories in a workplace setting.

Upper and Lower Division Requirements

This program has additional requirements that must be met prior to completion.

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Potential Jobs

  • 13-1111.00 Management Analysts
  • 13-2099.02 Risk Management Specialist
  • 11-3071.03 Logistic Manager
  • 11-3011.00 Administrative Services Manager

Admission Requirements

  1. All applicants must meet general admission requirements to South Texas College
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in state mandated general knowledge content through approved means; i.e., Texas Success Initiative (TSI), with program specific exemptions accepted
  3. Applicants are eligible for admission if they meet one of the following criteria:
    1. An ACT Composite of 19 (minimum of 16 in all areas) or above (SAT 910 or above)
    2. Applicants with prior college level coursework must have a minimum cumulative GPA or 2.5 or provide evidence of extenuating circumstances to the Dean for Math, Science & Bachelor Programs for waiving the requirement
    3. Provisional Acceptance for students scoring a minimum ACT composite of 15 (SAT 740 or above) or minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 may be granted by the Dean for Math, Science & Bachelor Programs upon completion of a personal interview with the prospective applicant
  4. Submit a complete Bachelor of Applied Technology program application  

Degree Plan

Bachelor of Applied Technology in Operations Management

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