Developmental Education

If you are enrolled in a degree program, then your TSI Assessment scores determine when you may begin taking College-Level courses. South Texas College is dedicated to helping you meet College-Ready standards and become successful in academic level courses.

Please meet with an advisor to review your options before registering for courses. Your options may change depending on your TSI scores, your degree plan, and if you plan to transfer to another institution.

Students that need to take developmental courses are also required to take a College Success course during their first semester. Details can be found in the catalog: Academic Information (see "College Success" section).

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Developmental English

INRW (Integrated Reading and Writing) is the label for developmental courses based on your scores for TSI 2.0 English Language Arts and Reading.

TSI 2.0 English Language Arts Reading Course Placement
CRC 945-990/Essay 5-8
OR CRC 910-944/NRS 5-6/Essay 5-8
CRC 945-990/Essay 0-4

Take INRW 0030 combined with one of the following courses:

ENGL 1301,
OR HIST 1301,
OR HIST 2327,
OR GOVT 2305

CRC 910-944/NRS 1-4/Essay 0-4 INRW 0020 OR ( ESOL 0051 & ESOL 0052)

Developmental Math

TSI 2.0 Math Course Placement
CRC 950+,  OR CRC 910-949/NRS 6 College-Ready
CRC 935-949

Choose a College-Level math course combined with a supplemental Math Lab:

MATH 1414 (+ MATL 0014)
OR MATH 1442 (+ MATL 0042)
OR MATH 1332 (+ MATL 0032)
OR MATH 1324 (+ MATL 0024)
OR MATL 0014 (for degree plans that require TSI complete status but do not require a college-level math course)

CRC 910-934

Choose one of the following depending on your degree plan:

Math 0442 (Non-Algebra Based). This course prepares students for Contemporary Mathematics (Math 1332) or Elementary Statistics (Math 1442)
OR Math 0100 (Algebra Based). This course best prepares students for College Algebra (Math 1414)

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