Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking Permits Required

All students, faculty, and staff must purchase a parking permit for each vehicle or motorcycle that will be parked on South Texas College property. A parking permit is required for each vehicle and cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another. A parking permit does not guarantee a parking space, but does authorize parking in designated areas.

Purchasing a Parking Permit

Parking permits must be purchased online via the STC Parking Portal. All outstanding parking fines must be paid in full prior to obtaining a permit. Parking permits will be mailed to the address selected or entered on the STC parking portal.

Parking permit fees are as follows:

  • Initial Permit: $25.00
  • Additional: $25.00

Replacement Parking Permits

A parking permit cannot be transferred between vehicles. However, a parking permit may be replaced at no cost for the following with proper documentation:

  • Windshield Replacement
  • Vehicle Total Loss

Permit Refunds:

Refunds can be issued for unused parking permits returned within 21 days of purchase. Subject to approval.

Temporary Parking Permits

Students, faculty, and staff with valid parking permits may obtain a temporary parking permit for short periods when a vehicle or motorcycle is not available, this includes waiting for a parking permit that has been mailed. You may request a temporary parking permit though the STC parking portal.

Visitors may also obtain a temporary parking permit through the STC parking portal.

Displaying a Parking Permit

Parking permits are good for one-time use, please be sure to display permit vinyl correctly the first time.

Parking permits for vehicles shall be visible and permanently affixed to the inside lower right-hand corner (passenger side) of the front windshield with only the adhesive on the front face of the permit (do not use tape). Permits for motorcycles shall be permanently affixed in a clearly visible location with only the adhesive on the opposite side of the permit (do not use tape). Permits shall be displayed in an upright position and not altered in anyway.

Issuance of Citations

Texas Education Code Section 51.201 declares that laws of Texas are in effect for Institutions of Higher Education and violations of state traffic laws may result in the issuance of citations to be adjudicated through the Municipal or Justice of the Peace courts in which the campus is located. Administrative citations can also be issued for traffic and parking violations. Individuals who own or operate a vehicle or motorcycle on South Texas College property will be held liable for any citations issued to that vehicle or motorcycle with or without a permit.

Examples of citations that may be issued are as follows:

  • No parking permit displayed.
  • Expired parking permit displayed.
  • Misuse of parking permit.
  • Improper display of parking permit, including not permanently affixing the permit in the proper location and/or using glue or tape rather than the permit adhesive.
  • Parking where prohibited by signs or markings (Fire Lane, Disabled Parking Space, Faculty/Staff, Visitor, Reserved, Loading/Unloading).
  • Parking in visitor spaces, with or without a permit, while an employee or student at South Texas College.
  • Parking in visitor spaces for longer than the allotted time.
  • Parking where there is no designated parking space.
  • Parking alongside islands and curbs marked “No Parking” or painted red.
  • Dropping off persons or items in a “No Parking” or “No Dropping Off” area.
  • Double-parked (encroaching on another parking space).
  • Failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.
  • Driving against traffic.
  • Failure to obey roadway signs.
  • Parking in a disabled parking space without properly displaying a valid disabled placard/license plate issued by the State of Texas. Disabled spaces are only to be used by those individuals whom the disabled placard/license plate was issued to.

Administrative Parking Citation Fees

  • 1st Citation: $30.00
  • 2nd Citation: $50.00
  • 3rd Citation: $80.00
  • 4th Citation: $100.00
  • 5th Citation: $120.00
  • Vehicle Boot Removal Fee: $100

Fire Lane Violations*

  • 1st Citation: $50.00
  • 2nd Citation: $90.00

Handicap Parking Violations*

  • Citation: $150.00

Skateboard and Other Appliance Violations*

  • 1st Citation: Warning
  • 2nd Citation: $30.00
  • 3rd Citation: $50.00
  • 4th Citation: $70.00
  • 5th Citation: $90.00

Moving Violation Fees*

  • Warning: $0.00
  • 1st Citation: $30.00
  • 2nd Citation: $50.00
  • 3rd Citation: $90.00

Stated fees are for administrative parking citations issued by an STC security guard only.

*If a citation for fire lane parking, handicap parking, or moving violations is issued by an STC Police Officer the fees will vary depending on the Municipal or Justice of the Peace courts in which the campus is located.

Wheel Locks

Wheel locks will be placed upon receiving the 5th citation for the same administrative parking violation.  All outstanding citations must be paid in full and a receipt of payment must be verified by the South Texas College Department of Public Safety before the wheel lock is removed. If the wheel lock is attempted or successfully removed from the vehicle without the approval of the Department of Public Safety, the individual will be held responsible for any damage done to South Texas College property. Wheel locks may be placed on vehicles for outstanding parking fines, security, or police matters. The South Texas College Department of Public Safety is not responsible for any damage to vehicles.

Appeals of Administrative Citations

The South Texas College Department of Public Safety provides an Independent Traffic and Parking Citation Appeals Committee for administrative citations that includes faculty and staff who are not employees of the Department of Public Safety. 

Submitting an appeal does not mean that it will be granted, but rather reviewed for consideration of de-escalation.

Appeals of administrative citations must be submitted through the STC parking portal within 14 calendar days from the date of the citation. No late appeals will be accepted.

Appeals of citations with no dollar value will not be accepted. (Example: Warning issued at $0.00)

Appellants will be notified of appeal decisions via the email address provided on the STC Parking Portal.

  • If the appeal is granted, then no further action is required.
  • If the appeal is denied, the appellant will be informed of the decision and given an explanation for the denial.
  • If a citation that has been appealed is paid or waived/reduced from taking the awareness examination, the appeal will be automatically denied.

All appeal decisions are final.

Ticket Dismissal

The Parking department may dismiss citations that are issued in error. If a citation is dismissed, the appellant will be informed of the decision via email, and no further action is needed.

Evidence Presented

In order to grant an appeal, there must be substantial and valid evidence that the parking violation was not committed or that there were extenuating circumstances. Valid documentation of the evidence must be provided when the appeal is submitted.

The following reasons are not considered valid (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Lack of knowledge of parking rules and regulations.
  • Mentioning that other vehicles may have been parked improperly.
  • Mentioning that the vehicle was parked improperly for a “short” period of time.
  • Accusation that an officer failed to issue a citation previously for similar offenses.
  • Accusation that an officer failed to cite others for similar offenses.
  • Being late to class or an appointment.
  • Inability to pay the amount of the citation.
  • Having no other place to park.
  • Lack of parking spaces in area that you would like to park.
  • Expectation that only a warning would be received.
  • Mentioning that your peer’s appeal was granted for the same infraction.
  • Citing the lack of parking spaces.
  • Assuming that a permit guarantees you a parking space.
  • Mentioning they didn’t or never received a warning prior to their accumulated fine.

Awareness Assessment

An individual that has received a citation(s) is eligible to take a one-time parking assessment to waive or reduce parking fines. This does not apply once a wheel lock fine has been issued, or for fire lane and disabled parking violations. A score of 70% or more will result in the adjustment of the fine(s). If the individual fails the examination, they are unable to retake the examination and it is noted on their parking account. The examination is offered as a one-time solution per school year and is conducted online.

STC Police Officer Citations

If a citation is issued by an STC police officer you may not appeal the citation through the STC parking portal. All citations issued by STC police officers will be referred to the Municipal or Justice of the Peace Courts in which the campus is located.

Incident or Accident

If you are involved in an incident or accident on South Texas College property that requires emergency assistance, call 911 immediately. For other assistance, contact the STC Department of Public Safety at 956-872-4444.

ADA Statement: Individuals with disabilities requiring assistance or access to receive services should contact Disability Support Services at 956-872-2173.

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