HR Specialist – Associate 61 credit hours

Major Description

The Human Resources Program will prepare students for a career in the Human Resources industry. This program will prepare students to be Human Resources Technicians, Human Resources Assistants, Human Resources Specialists, Human Resources Employment Specialists, and Human Resources Benefits Coordinators. The program will assist students in preparation to take the PHR exam.

Work Environment

Graduates with a Human Resources Specialist Associate degree will assist the department in setting wages and salaries, determining benefits packages, investigating employee complaints, legal issues in the workplace and other tasks related to improving employee management relations. Students may move up to becoming managers and oversee teams of HR professionals, delegate authority and managing employees. They also act as liaisons between executives and managers in other departments and lower-level employees

Potential Job Titles

  • Job Analysis Specialist
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Training Specialist
  • Recruiter