Institute for Advanced Manufacturing

  • This department offers a diverse assortment of courses that satisfy employers’ needs for customized training to upgrade the skills of current employees and new employees. Also, mandatory Continuing Education Units for licensing requirements are available for certified professionals.
  • IAM specializes in the latest advanced technology training offered anywhere. With a multitude of different courses our training helps employers upgrade the knowledge and skills of their employees.
  • Our training programs are tailored to the client’s needs in content, schedule and location.
  • Our services are offered to a wide range of clients that include all types of manufacturing, logistics, cold storage, and manufacturing related industries.

Tuition / Fees

  • $6 per hour for customized training for a class of 12 or more.
  • $60 per hour for customized training for groups of less than 12 trainees.
  • Grant funds may be available for qualified employers.

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"The mission of The Institute for Advanced Manufacturing is to help identify, develop and provide quality training programs to employers that are looking to upgrade the skills of their staff. The Institute offers a diverse assortment of courses that satisfy employer needs for customized training. The delivery of training courses is flexible and can be tailored to meet the employers work schedules including evenings, weekends, location, course content and length."



Festo Training Center
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