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For over a decade, we here at Interstice have had the privilege of collecting and sharing the work of talented individuals from across South Texas College, the Rio Grande Valley, the United States of America and international communities as well. We are pleased that you are interested in sharing your work and embarking on this creative journey with us.

Each contributor may submit up to three pieces, in any combination of genres:

  • Fiction/Non-Fiction/Drama: 3,000 words maximum per piece; one-act plays are appropriate for the size constraints of the publication.
  • Poetry: 1,000 words maximum per piece; please submit in the page layout intended for your work.
  • Artwork: Both black & white and color submissions are accepted.

Deadline: Sep. 1, 2023

Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline.

Projected Publication: Dec. 2023


The Editors use a blind submissions process. Therefore, do not include your name on any the individual piece(s) you submit; include only the title of the piece(s) as identified on your submission form.

  • Text: Documents must be saved as Rich Text Format (.rtf) files, using Times New Roman font size 12 only. Interstice does consider texts written in other languages. English translations are accepted, but are printed at the discretion of the editors.
  • Artwork: Images must be saved as .jpg files. Images should be resized down to 2550 pixels along the longest side (8.5 inches @ 300dpi) only. Note: the submission form is limited to a combined 20MB for all attached files.
  • Short Bio: Please include a brief biography (no longer than 75 words please) about yourself. If your work(s) are accepted, your biography will be featured on the Contributor list. If you do not include a biography, your name will not be listed on the Contributor list, even if your work(s) are accepted. Use third-person point of view when composing your biography. Biographies may be edited for surface errors.

Failure to follow directions will result in submissions not being forwarded to selection committees.

Selected works reflect the aesthetic judgment of the blind committee members and the editors. No work is guaranteed publication. All works are subject to editing for surface errors and clarity.

Please double-check for grammatical and typographical errors prior to submitting your work. The editors are not responsible for publishing errors contained in submitted items.

Questions? Please contact the editors.

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