Technology and Trades

The Technology & Trades program includes the following courses:

Computer Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Length: 20 hrs 

Learning the components of a typical computer system; describe how computers are used in today's business environment; and survey a software productivity suite (word processing, spreadsheets, and database).

Computer and Internet Basics (Learner Web)


Learning the basics on how-to-use a computer and the basic of the web.


Length: 12 hrs 

The 10-hour general industry outreach program is designed to provide you with general awareness of the hazards present at your workplace as well as techniques on how to prevent them.

Welding: Fundamentals

Length: 72 hrs 

Equipment used in oxy-fuel and arc welding. Includes cutting of ferrous metals. Emphasizes welding and cutting safety and basic welding processes.

Welding: Gas Tungsten

Length: 72 hrs 

Principles of gas metal arc welding, setup and use of Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) equipment, and safe use of tools/equipment. Instruction in various joint designs

Welding: Pipe (CE version)

Length: 134 hrs 

Welding of pipe Using the shielded metal arc welding Process. (SMAW), including electrode selection, equipment setup, and safe shop practices. Emphasis on weld positions 1G -6G using various electrodes. The student will describe equipment And required pipe preparation and Perform 1G and 2G welds using Various electrodes. Student will Be required to evaluate their Performance abilities to Troubleshoot potential problems. Student will learn to decipher Coding system for AWS And proper use of available Materials and equipment.

Welding: Pipe (Credit version)

Length: 256 hrs 

This program is an introduction to the shielded metal arc welding process. Emphasis placed on power sources, electrode selection, oxy-fuel cutting, and various joint designs. Instruction provided in SMAW fillet welds in various positions. It also includes a comprehensive course on the welding of pipe using the shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) process. Welds will be done using various positions. Topics covered include electrode selection, equipment setup, and safe shop practices.


  1. Some programs may require additional costs. Please contact the department for details.
  2. Each program requires specific admission criteria such as reading level, high school or GED credential, college hours, etc. Please contact the department for details.
  3. “Other Costs” are either paid to STC or to an outside vendor. Please contact the department for details.
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