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CPWE Staff:

Pecan Plaza

2621 W. Pecan Blvd., McAllen

Name Title Phone Email
Olivia De La Rosa Director 956-872-3856 otrevin3
Elias Hernandez Program Developer & Coordinator 956-872-3857 eliashdz
Daniela Masten Program Developer & Coordinator 956-872-1693 dmasten
Dr. Jose L. Martinez Program Developer & Coordinator 956-872-6783 jmar1214
Jose Raul Ruiz Program Developer & Coordinator 956-872-1682 jrruiz
Xenia Munoz Program Developer & Coordinator 956-872-1679 xmunoz
Gloria M. Franklin Administrative Assistant 956-872-6772 gsalinas_0219
Linda Peralez Marketing Technician 956-872-1671 lperalez_6970
Erica Ocana Customer Service Technician 956-872- 3587 eocana_3046
Isabel Compean Student Success Assistant 956-872-3861 mcompea2

Pecan Plaza: Compliance

2525 W. Pecan Blvd., McAllen

Name Title Phone Email
Vacant Dean 956-872-6782
Jose Raul Ruiz Program Developer & Coordinator 956-872-1682 jrruiz
Carmina Pedraza Administrative Assistant 956-872-1694 csaenz
Lizbeth Cobos Compliance Technician 956-872-3583 lcobos_4083
Kassandra Gonzalez Compliance Assistant 956-872-1692 kgonza56
Samantha Moran Customer Service Technician 956-872-3589 smoran2
Ann Marie Mottu Customer Service Technician 956-872-3578 amottu
San Juanita Sanchez Customer Service Technician 956-872-3586 sjesanchez
Jerome P. Wiggins Customer Service Technician 956-872-2078 jwiggin2

Technology Campus

3900 W. Military, McAllen

Name Title Phone Email
Elizabeth Hernandez Program Developer & Coordinator 956-872-6165 lizh
Denise Reyna Student Success Assistant 956-872-6163 dreyna_8723
Norma Sendejo Customer Service Technician 956-872-2735 nsendejo
Robert C. Anzaldua Continuing Ed Trainer 956-872-2729 rcanzaldua

Starr County Campus

142 FM 3167, Rio Grande City

Name Title Phone Email
Vanessa Ruiz Customer Service Technician 956-488-6972 valaffa
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