Zero Textbook Cost

Textbooks can be a significant expense for your college education, and many courses require at least one textbook. South Texas College is committed to providing quality education while keeping costs low. Our Zero Textbook Cost program offers courses that:

  • do not require a textbook;
  • use Open Education Resources (OER) which means you can access free and openly available learning material* that will save you money; or
  • STC provides the learning materials* for use at no cost to the student.

Search below to get the course number (CRN) for Zero Textbook Cost courses then visit JagNet to register. Courses are subject to change based on faculty availability.

*Excludes supplies such as calculators, specialized equipment, etc.

students using laptop

Once you've found the courses you need, visit JagNet to register.


Zero Textbook Cost logo by California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office / CC BY 4.0.

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