Student looking to transfer can take advantage of one of the over 150 agreements South Texas College has with university partners. Through these partnerships, students are able to complete two years at South Texas College and obtain an associate degree, then transfer to complete two more years for their bachelor’s degree.

In addition, the College’s Transfer Center is yet another resource where students can meet with representatives from transfer institutions and receive information on new articulation agreements that could impact their future choices.

Articulations & Transfer Plans

Articulation Agreements are formal agreements between two or more colleges and universities to accept credits in transfer toward a specific academic program. They provide a seamless transition for students moving from one level of education to another by matching curriculum to reduce duplication of course content. Articulation agreements exist between South Texas College and  various colleges and universities.

Transferable Courses

All core curriculum courses have been converted to ensure that if you decide to leave for another institution, your credits may  transfer. To see if a course will transfer to a college or university in Texas, visit the Texas Common Course Numbering System website.

Transferring to South Texas College

A student transferring from another accredited college or university is eligible for admission. Transfer students must comply with the Scholastic Progress Standards.

  1. An official transcript from each institution previously attended must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records.
  2. All new transfer students who have been accepted will have their college transcripts evaluated on a course-by-course basis and appropriate credit will be awarded.
  3. Credits for courses in which a passing grade of “C” or higher was earned may be transferred from any college accredited through one of the regional accrediting associations of the Association of Colleges and Schools. Developmental or other non-degree credit courses are not transferable.
  4. Credits completed at colleges outside the United States that are not accredited by one of the regional accrediting associations of the Association of Colleges and Schools should be evaluated by an AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers) approved transcript evaluation service. A list of such services is available at the Office of Admissions and Records and the STC web page.
  5. An applicant for admission may seek to enter this institution pursuant to the state's "academic fresh start" statute. If the applicant informs the Office of Admissions and Records in writing of his or her election under this statute, the institution will not grant academic course credits or grades earned by the applicant 10 or more years prior to the starting date of the semester in which the applicant seeks to enroll.
  6. An applicant who makes the election to apply under this statute cannot receive any course credit for courses taken 10 or more years prior to enrollment.
  7. Out of state transfer students, who have not taken the TSI ASSESSMENT TEST, will need to be advised prior to registration.

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