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Competency-Based Education (CBE)

STC’s Competency-Based Programs can allow you to finish your degree in significantly less time. Students have the option to apply their existing knowledge or experience through examination. Upon successful completion of this exam students can jump ahead to the next course in their degree, all during the same 7-week term and at no additional cost.

Academic Programs with CBE Courses:

  • Bachelor of Applied Technology in Computer and Information Technologies
  • Bachelor of Applied Technology in Medical and Health Services Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership
  • Bachelor of Applied Technology in Operations Management
  • Associate of Applied Science in Child Development and Early Childhood
  • Accounting Clerk Certificate
  • Public Services Assistant Certificate
  • Information and Network Systems Certificate
  • Computer Applications Specialist Certificate

Benefits of CBE

What is CBE?

Turn Your Experience Into College Credit.

It's simple, apply your work experience to replace college credit, demonstrating mastery of the competency with self-paced tests before skipping ahead. When you finish a class early, you can immediately replace it with a new one — at no extra cost.

This approach allows students to advance based on their ability to master a skill or competency at their own pace. Programs are designed around competencies that are needed for a particular career ensuring that the material is relevant. The outcome is that students are workplace ready and have expertise in their chosen fields.

CBE Term vs Traditional Term

  • 7-week Term (CBE)
  • 16 Week Term (Fall/Spring)

Available 100% Online

Stay Connected

It’s learning tailor-made to harmonize with students’ busy work and family lives. Because programs are 100-percent online, it doesn’t matter if students are local, remote, or even stationed abroad on active duty. 

What Our Graduates Say

The MHSM program really taught me how to work as a team, and gave me a great understanding of what it is like to work in a healthcare environment. Most importantly, it gave me what I needed to progress in my career and education. I have since then earned a master’s degree at the University of Texas Pan-American and continue to make strides in career advancement.

Jeremy Roman, MHSM

Graduated from this program in December of 2016 and went on to become employed as an account manager for a leading IT/cable infrastructure firm soon after. I'm now pursuing an MBA from Western Governors University.

Frank Alaniz, CITP

I grew as much as I could with the education I had. I started looking at my options of returning to college, and discovered that STC now has bachelor’s programs. Online classes allowed me to go to school and raise a family. I earned my Bachelor’s of Applied Technology in Technology Management from STC.

Elvira Alonzo, TMGT

When I first entered South Texas College as a dual credit student in high school I always thought that I was just going to complete my associate degree and then be done with it, but I found myself entering this BASOL program that was actually very good for me and now I'm doing my master's degree.

Cynthia Hernandez, BASOL

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