College-Wide Professional Development Day

Friday, February 9, 2018

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Department Meetings

Morning Sessions

Department Start Time Meeting Room
Anthropology/Criminal Justice/Sociology/Social Work 9:00 AM T 1.402 & T 1.408, PCN Campus
Arts Department 10:00 AM B101, PCN Campus
Associate Degree Nursing 9:00 AM 101/102, NAH Campus
Automotive/Diesel Technology 8:30 AM B 221, TECH Campus
BAS Organizational Leadership BASOL 10:00 AM G201, PCN Campus
Business Administration (Academics and Careers) 8:00 AM J 1.210 & J 1.206, PCN Campus
Career & Employer Services 8:00 AM C128, TECH Campus
Chemistry/Engineering/Physics/Physical Science 9:00 AM G 118, PCN Campus
Child Development 9:30 AM J 1.414, PCN Campus
Communication Arts (Speech) 10:00 AM L 158, PCN Campus
Comprehensive Advising & Mentoring Service 8:00 AM J1.216, PCN Campus
Computer and Advanced Technologies/Information Technology  8:00 AM A203, TECH Campus
Computer Science/CITP-BAT 9:30 AM M 152, PCN Campus
Design & Building Technology 8:30 AM A119, TECH Campus
Developmental English 9:00 AM J-2.502, PCN Campus
Developmental Math 9:00 AM J 2.402, PCN Campus
Developmental Reading 9:00 AM G 212, PCN Campus
Diagnostic Imaging 9:00 AM 1.602 NAH Campus
Drama 8:30 AM L 135, PCN Campus
Education/College Success 9:00 AM T 1.702, PCN Camps
Emergency Medical Technology 9:00 AM 3.206, NAH Campus
English, Academic 9:00 AM J 1.704, PCN Campus
Finance and Administrative Services 8:00 AM U2.204, PCN Campus
Health and Medical Administrative Services 9:00 AM 407, NAH Campus
Healthcare Student Success 9:00 AM 3.210, NAH Campus
History/Philosophy/Interdisciplinary Studies 10:00 AM J 1.412, PCN Campus
Humanities/Sign Language Interpreter AAS/Spanish/World Languages/ITPs 9:30 AM J 1.408, PCN Campus
Kinesiology/Physical Education 8:00 AM 2607, PCN Plaza
Mathematics, Academic 8:00 AM J 1.514, PCN Campus
Medical Assistant Technology 9:00 AM 2.416, NAH Campus
Music 10:00 AM A 117, PCN Campus
Occupational Therapy Assistant 9:00 AM 308, NAH Campus
Office of Admissions and Records 8:30 AM A 121, PCN Campus
Patient Care Assistant 8:00 AM 204 NAH Campus
Pharmacy Technology 9:00 AM 2.208, NAH Campus
Physical Therapy Assistant 8:30 AM 306, NAH Campus
Political Science/Public Administration 10:00 AM T 2.206, PCN Campus
Precision Advanced Manufacturing Technology 9:00 AM Building E, TECH Campus
Psychological Science 10:00 AM T 1.504, PCN Campus
Respiratory Therapist 9:00 AM 402, NAH Campus
Student Financial Services 8:00 AM J-1.402, PCN Campus
Vocational Nursing 9:00 AM 4.418, NAH Campus
VP FAS 8:00 AM U-2204, PCN Campus

Afternoon Sessions

Department Start Time Meeting Room
Accountability, Risk, and Compliance 1:30 PM N162, PCN Campus
Business Office 1:30 PM Rainbow, PCN Campus
Cashiers 1:30 PM G101, PCN Campus
Department of Public Safety 1:30 PM D103, PCN Campus
Facilities Operations and Maintenance 1:30 PM J2.404, J2.408, J2.410, J2.414, PCN Campus
Facilities Planning and Construction 1:30 PM N Conference Room, PCN Campus
Food Services 1:30 PM U-1st floor, PCN Campus
Human Resources 1:30 PM A172, PCN Plaza
Public Safety 1:30 PM D103, PCN Campus
Purchasing and Distributional Services 1:30 PM N142, PCN Campus