Test Preparation

Preparing for your GED, ACT, or TSI? Be ready for your exam with our test preparation courses!

ACT Preparation

Length: 30 hrs | Other Costs: $35.00 (book)

Prepares you for the ACT test. Topics include test taking strategies in math, reading, writing, and science.

GED Quick Review

Length: 40 hrs  

This 40-hour course review assists students to prepare for the GED tests. All five subjects can be covered through the review session: Writing, Language Arts Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math or just to focus on the needed subjects. Pre-Test and Post Test are administered.

GED Tutoring

Length: 12 hrs/subject 

It’s a quick review, to focus on only on one subject.

TSI Assessment Preparation

Length: 40 hrs 

Will enhance your abilities on the TSI exam in these 40 hour courses! Each course focuses on a different subject of classroom instruction including web-based enhancements.

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