Anthropology – A. A. Degree 60 – 61 credit hours

Major Description

Anthropology is the study of our species, Homosapiens, our ancestors like the Neanderthals and our near relatives, the primates. Anthropology studies the primordial origins of humans, how we evolved, how we populated the continents and why we vary genetically, physically and culturally.

Anthropology is a holistic science comprised of four subfields: Cultural Anthropology, the study of world cultures and unique human adaptations to environments; Biological Anthropology, the study of human evolution, genetics, primatology and human variation; Archaeology, the study of the material remains of ancient and contemporary civilizations; and, Linguistic Anthropology, the study of the biological, historical and cultural foundations of the world’s languages. Anthropological subfields include forensics, medical anthropology, agricultural anthropology, museum curation, psychological anthropology and ethnological filmmaking.

Work Environment

Anthropologists work in federal, state, and local government, international agencies, healthcare centers, nonprofit associations, research institutes, and marketing firms.

Potential Job Titles

Research Director
Science Analyst