Production, Logistics, and Maintenance Technician

The non-credit certificate in Production, Logistics and Maintenance Technician (PLMT) is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge and experience required to work in all aspects of the manufacturing chain. This program has also been approved by the THECB and Department of Education.

The program focuses on the multi-faceted aspects of manufacturing operations including:

  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance
  • Electrical / Mechanical
  • Safety
  • Environmental Awareness

This comprehensive training prepares students for career opportunities in an industry requiring occupational skills and certifications globally recognized by production, logistics and maintenance enterprises.

Students that pass the MCHN 1019 and MCHN 1020 courses are eligible to earn six credit hours for MCHN 1319-Manufacturing Materials and Processes and MCHN 1320-Precision Tools and Measurement. These credits are held in escrow to be applied towards the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Precision Manufacturing Technology.

Course Plan

Students do not need to take more than 1 course per term, but it is recommended to follow the plan below. Students are recommended to apply for financial aid.

Term One (16 weeks)

Course Title Contact Hours
MCHN 1019 Manufacturing Materials and Processes* 96
MCHN 1020 Precision Tools and Measurement* 96
INMT 1003 Industrial Maintenance Technology, Basic 48
Total Hours: 240

*Escrowed courses towards AMT AAS (6 credits)

Term Two (12 weeks)

Course Title Contact Hours
OSHT 1015 Safety and Accident Prevention 40
LMGT 1010 Fundamentals of Manufacturing Control 80
BUSG 1012 Professionalism in the Workplace 12
BMGT 1018 Basic Supervision 12
Total Hours: 144

Term Three (16 weeks)

Course Title Contact Hours
CETT 1002 Electricity Principles 48
ELTN 1043 Electrical Troubleshooting 64
EPCT 1007 Introduction to Environmental Safety and Health 48
WLDG 1000 Introduction to Welding 60
Total Hours: 220

Industry Certifications

Students that complete coursework will be eligible to sit for certification exams from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), FESTO/NC3 and American Welding Society.

Course Course Title Certification Name Certifying Agency
MCHN 1019 Manufacturing Materials and Processes Manufacturing Processes and Production Manufacturing Skill Standards Council
MCHN 1020 Precision Tools and Measurement Quality Practices and Measurement Manufacturing Skill Standards Council
INMT 1003 Basic Industrial Maintenance Technology Maintenance Awareness Manufacturing Skill Standards Council
OSHT 1015 Safety and Accident Prevention Safety Manufacturing Skill Standards Council
CETT 1002 Electricity Principles Introduction to Exploring Electricity NC3
ELTN 1043 Electrical Troubleshooting Fundamentals of Electricity NC3
WLDG 1000 Introduction to Welding Plate 1F or 1G American Welding Society



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