SI Evidence of Success

  • The beneficial aspect of having an SI Leader is having the opportunity to ask about what you don't understand. The Leader gives great advice and tips about the lesson.
  • The fact that our SI Leader would clearly reinforce the lecture that was given by our instructor truly benefited me when it came to working on my individual assignments.
  • The SI Leader explained that she knew how hard the material seemed, because she went through the same thing.
  • The SI Leader inspired the students to achieve success, believed in them and made time to conduct extra sessions when possible.
  • Our SI Leader was very attentive to the needs of the students and was a good role model. He would encourage students to look for innovative ways of studying.
  • The most beneficial aspect of SI was that the SI Leader was on the same page as the professor; therefore, the study sessions were very helpful. The materials that we reviewed were exactly as the professor was presenting, leading to better results on the exams.

Final Grade Completion Graph