CLE Test Proctoring

Due to flooding, Mid-Valley test proctoring services are currently unavailable.

CLE proctoring services are designed to be individual, make-up testing opportunities for STC students. Instructor must offer primary testing opportunity prior to making arrangements for CLE proctoring. Strict adherence to CLE proctoring procedures will ensure the security and integrity of the exam and the quality of the testing experience for the student.

Proctoring Services for Instructors

A CLE Proctored Exam Request Form must be completed by an instructor before CLE Staff can proctor an exam.

Proctoring request must be submitted at least 24 hours before authorized testing window begins. Required materials should be attached to the request form or delivered, in person, by instructor. Testing can be provided in computer-based or traditional pen and paper formats. STC instructors will receive email from CLE staff confirming proctoring request form has been accepted.

Student may only schedule their testing appointment once a proctoring request has been approved. CLE Staff will only schedule a testing appointment if proctoring request and test are on file.

Completed exams must be picked up by the instructor at the campus CLE. Unclaimed exams will be returned to the instructor at the end of semester. Exams designated for students who failed to test will be destroyed unless claimed by instructor.

Proctor Request Form For Instructors:

Proctored Exam Request Form

If you encounter difficulties while submitting a test proctoring request electronically,
please contact the CLE Center Manager at your campus.
Mid-Valley | Nursing & Allied Health | Pecan | Starr | Technology

Proctoring Services for Students

Your instructor must have submitted all required materials before you may schedule your appointment. Please call or visit your campus CLE to schedule a test proctoring appointment.

Appointments must be made at least one day in advance; no same day appointments
  • Information needed to make appointment:
    • Name
    • A-number
    • Instructor Name
    • Subject/Course (i.e. MATH 1414)
  • Appointment checklist:
    • Please arrive for testing ten minutes before your scheduled appointment
    • Bring any allowable supplies necessary to take exam as designated by instructor
    • You must provide a student ID at time of exam
    • Personal belongings will be left with CLE Staff for duration of test
    • Students are not permitted to leave testing location for the duration of the test

For ADA accommodations an approved Modification Plan must be on file at the CLE. Any accommodations beyond a distraction reduced environment and/or extended test time must be coordinated with the Student Disabilities Services office.

Non-STC Students Requesting Proctoring Services:

The CLE provides test proctoring services for STC students taking tests in STC courses. Other test proctoring services, such as certification and correspondence tests, may be proctored through the Student Assessment Center at South Texas College.