Online Tutoring

The CLE now provides online tutoring! In addition, the CLE partners with online tutors outside of the college to make services available when our centers are closed. Students are limited to three (3) hours per semester of outside tutoring; however, there is no limit for working with STC tutors!

Online Tutoring

STC tutors provide online tutoring sessions for a wide range of classes. Click the button below to go to our Tutoring page where you can find tutor schedules and links to our online tutoring rooms.

Find an Online Session

If you need tutoring during a time that the CLE is closed, you may wish to join an online session with an Upswing tutor. This service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please keep in mind that Upswing sessions count against your three (3) hour per semester limit of outside tutoring. Click the button below to log in as a student with your JagNet username and password.

Upswing Tutoring

Online Writing Support

The CLE offers a new service where students can upload a writing assignment and a tutor will provide feedback. Tutors do not proofread, but instead focus on helping students build writing skills. We strive to return submissions within 24 hours generally and between 48 to 72 hours during times of peak usage.

Submit an Assignment

If you use your three (3) hours of online tutoring and would like to request additional hours, please visit our Rules & Guidelines page to learn how to request hours through our Online Tutoring Hours Request form.

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