CRLA Certified - Levels I, II, III

CRLA pinSouth Texas College's Centers for Learning Excellence (CLE) are sanctioned by the College Reading and Learning Association (an international organization of learning assistance professionals comprised of more than 700 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada) to certify STC tutors at each of three established levels of certification.
The dates of certification for each level are as follows:

Level I - Regular (June 2003-present)
Level II - Advanced (June 2008-present)
Level III - Master Tutor (June 2008-present)

All tutors participate in the CRLA training program with the goal of achieving the highest levels of completion as a mark of professional and institutional distinction. To progress through each level of CRLA training, a tutor must meet several requirements:

  • Obtain 15 hours of training in the area of academic assistance (per level)
  • Complete 50 hours of direct tutoring experience with students (per level)
  • Submit a formal request for certification
  • Submit a reflection essay on personal tutoring philosophy or experience